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Street Sounds: Vernon duo is ablaze

The Morning Star Album Review - 16/09/23

the permanent rain press"Vernon-based instrumental duo, Landing on the Sun’s debut record is a cinematic extravaganza of fuzztone and twang.

Their iconoclastic approach is a fresh take on the notions of performance and recording in general, putting creativity and energy to the forefront while making the pursuit of vibe the driving force.

The album is propulsive background music laden with driving riffs, conversational note passages and a committed noir-ish direction, which gives the songs a soundtrack soul.

It’s a strong aid for repeated play long distance driving through high altitude passes, where the twang and thump can take hold through the night. "

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Canadian Bands You Need To Hear

bandbiz"There is no shortage of great Canadian music, and with Canada’s 150th birthday fast approaching, we decided to put together a list of 150 Canadian bands you probably haven’t heard of, but definitely need to check out!"

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The Permanent Rain Press

Album Review - 17/03/09

the permanent rain press"As much as I respect artists and their right to express themselves through any medium they desire, the sad truth is that sometimes, their voices just aren’t very pleasant to the ear. Billy Haner and Eric Hutton of Landing on the Sun are wise enough to know that vocals aren’t everything. The two Vernon, BC-based musicians have a plethora of experience under their belts, coming together for this full-length project of instrumental rock n’ roll tracks that hold tight to the listener, even without lyrics."

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Divide and Conquer

Album Review - 16/10/20

divide and conquer"One epic journey of instrumental hits just waiting for a road trip to sign along with or the right adventure movie looking for a theme song. The Canadian duo of Eric Hutton and Billy Haner known as Landing on the Sun have played together off and on for decades, which you hear in the layers of each of these unique rock instrumentals."

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insomnia radio daily dose

Insomnia Radio

Daily Dose Album Feature - 16/10/05

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Emerging Indie Bands

Album Review - 16/09/21

the permanent rain press"The Canadian instrumental-rock duo Landing On The Sun released their eponymous LP on the 19th. Lasting at just under fifty five minutes the thirteen track album is a soundtrack to settle down with in one session as the tracks seamlessly thread one into the other delivering a wide expanse of ideas."

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